torsdag 26 februari 2015

Xanax $199 only - from leading manufacturers

FACTORY made Xanax (1mg) 60 pills
$199, shipping included
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torsdag 21 augusti 2014

The new U.S. approach to email (only for americans!)

Hello! My name is Natsbook. May i tell you about myself?
File-sharing social service «Nations` book» («Natsbook») is designed for storing files and sharing it among users.
Natsbook - it`s easy!
Basic differences from Dropbox and other services:
1. Natsbook does not create hyperlinks for the rapid sharing of files on email;
2. Natsbook is very comfortable at rapid sharing of files (lections, presentations, speeches, etc.) to all listeners;
3. You do not require yourself to send files to friends and other users;
4. Natsbook involves three stages of access to the files: available, available only on request and not available;
5. Any person (not only registered) can get files by the request code on email. 
Short Natsbook video manual:
You are welcome >>>
Attachment: Press release from Natsbook
Sincerely, The Natsbook team

onsdag 5 juni 2013

1 million promotional e-mails cost $300 inclusive

do you want to get in contact immediately with 1 million or more new customers?
Can you estimate how much your sales will increase, when 1 million customers get to know your products or your enterprise?
We are the specialists for promotional e-mails and social networks promotion with years of experience.
Only in this week: 1 million promotional e-mails cost $300 inclusive of rent for opt-in addresses of b2b customers or consumers.
The sellers' competition is tough and they do not sleep –  use this chance now to sell more.
Kind regards
Peter Brown

world of web promotion
customer consultant
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torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Parliament for $24.50, Camel $19.00, Winston $17.50 per carton

Dear Customer!
Discount for Camel and Kent cigarettes will be valid until September 29.
When you buy products from us - you receive:
1. Cigarettes of high quality, made in Eastern Europe.
2. 7/24 email, phone and live chat support.
3. Quick delivery to your home.
4. Discount and Bonus programs. (you will get a discount 2% for summary orders more then 2K USD, 3 % for 5K USD and 4% for 10K USD)
5. Your accounts home page, where you can see the history and status of your orders, change your personal information and password, view your wishlist products, create reminders.
6. We don't report tax or customer information to any government agency or other entity.
7. You can track your parcels on
Today we sell Parliament for $24.50, Camel $19.00, Winston $17.50 per carton (200 cigarettes).
Now we ship cigarettes only to USA by airmail from Eastern Europe.
The cost of shipping is $9.40 per carton. In the US delivery time is 3-4 weeks.
We take Visa Card. Echeck payments will be available again soon.
Best regards, 100cigs

onsdag 11 januari 2012


Dear Sir,

I am looking to purchase private/executive aircraft for private use and commercial jet airliners for commercial purposes.
All the aircraft must be in good commercial shape (i.e., ready to make money),and must be ready for immediate use after purchase. I can only make this transaction with you in a very secret and confidential manner due to my position as a former regional minister and member of parliament, MP here in my country, Republic Of Ghana; And for this reason of confidentiality, I have engaged the services of a trusted broker to act for me and report to me of every stage of the transaction because my name must not appear or be mentioned in this transaction at all.
Therefore, upon response from you I will connect you with my broker here to liaise with you since you are not present here in my country. I have already hand-over to him the specifications of the aircraft, budgets and conditions and he will make these details available to you because I trusted him and i will like him to represent my full interest in this purchase.
Thank you and accept my kindest regards as I hope to hear from you in a very short while.

Accordingly, this purchase must be very confidential and secrete because of my position in the government of my country.
Expecting your reply soon.

fredag 9 september 2011

Middag med gänget..

Ojj – det var länge sedan det skrevs nått i bloggen! Kan bero på att det var länge sedan jag (Mats) flög också... Så, för att inte bloggen ska försvinna så skriver jag en liten rad...


Igår var gänget och käkade middag på O’learys i Sumpan. Det var ett tag sedan vi träffats och vi ville prata om framtiden för VOD’kan... Den flygs ju inte så mycket just nu så vad ska vi göra? Fortsättning följer... J